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  • Trim - Glass Shelf C00114616

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    - Trim - Glass Shelf C00114616 3 in stock
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    Genuine replacement plastic rear shelf guard for your refrigeration.

    Compatible with  the following appliances: Ariston SD1511, SD1513, SD1521, SD1522, SD1711, SD1711V, SD1712V, SD1721, SD1722J, SD1723, SD1746, Hotpoint FFB6187AP, FFB6187P, FFB6200AP, FFB6200AX, PBAA33NFUK, PBAA34VDUKRL, RL150G, RL150P, RL175A, RL175G, RL175P, RLA175P, RLFM151G, RLFM151P, RLFM171G, RLFM171P, RLFM171SB, RLS150G, RLS150P, RLS175G, RLS175P, RLS175X, RLSA175P, SAN400SUKZ, SD1521HA, SD1522HA, SD1523HA, SD1721HA, SD1721VHA, SD1722JHA, SD1722VHA, SD1723HA, Indesit BAAN10SUK, BAAN10UK, BAAN12(UK), BAAN12SUK, BAAN134GUK, BAAN134PSUK, BAAN134SUK, BAAN134SUKZ, BAAN134UK, BAAN134UKZ, BAAN134XUK, BAAN134XUKZ, BAN344NFUK, NBAA33NFNXD, NBAA33NFNXDU, PBAA33NFXDUK, SAAN300S, SAAN300UK, SAAN400V, SAN300, SAN300UK, SAN300UKZ, SAN300WSP, SAN400, SAN400SUK, SAN400SUKZ, SAN400UK, SAN400UKZ, TAAN25UK, TAN13NFUK