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  • Hoover Candy Fridge Freezer Electronic Controller

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    - Hoover Candy Fridge Freezer Electronic Controller 1 in stock
    £54.95 (Incl. VAT)

    Genuine Hoover Candy Replacement Fridge Freezer Electronic Controller 97922579W/H for use on select Candy and Hoover models.

    CFF3650A-00, CFF4578A-0, CFMF236A, CFMF236AS, CFMF266A, CFMF2850A, CFMF2854A, CFMF286A, CFMF286AS, CFV4574A0, KITCFC432F, KITCFC432FF, KITCFD431F, KITCFD431FF, CPC310FZK, CPC350FK, CPC350FXK, CPC350FZK, CFC359FA, CFC390TF, CFC390TFX, CFC391A, CFC432FF, CFC432FFX, CFD431FF, CFD431FFX, CFF3650A, CFMF235A-80, CFMF235AS-80, CFMF265A-80, CFMF285A-80, CFMF285AS-80, CPC240FFK, CPCA240FFK, CPCA240FSK, CPCA270FFK, CPCA291FFK, CPCA291FSK, CPCA291FXK, CPCA330FFK, CPD410FFK, CPC290FFK, HCA36FTALU, HCA39FA, HCF3655X, HCF4586-0, HDF4586-0, HNMF3905AT-8, HNMF4507A-80, HNMF4507AAT, HCA300FK, HCA390FFK, HC372F, HC372FALU, HCA300FK, HCA330FFK, HCA331FFK, HCA331FKA, HCA332F, HCA332FAL, HCA33FSK, HCA390F, HCA390FFK, HCA391FFK, HCA391FKA, HCA450FK, HCA450FTTD, HCA452F, HCA452FAL, HD422F, HD422FALU, HDA452F, HDA452FALU, HDA452FK, HFA240, HFA270, HFA270GBA, HFA290, HFA290AL, HNMF2605A-80, HNMF2605AL80, HNMF2805A80, HNMF2805AL80, HNMF3905A-80, HNMF3905AL80.