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  • Hoover Candy Fridge/Freezer Electronic Control Module

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    - Hoover Candy Fridge/Freezer Electronic Control Module 1 in stock
    £39.95 (Incl. VAT)

    Genuine Hoover Candy Group Replacement Fridge Freezer Electronic Control Module 97052955W/H for use on select Candy, Cylinda, Electrolux, Hoover, Iberna, Iceline, Kelvinator, Novascotia, Otsein, Rosieres and Zerowatt models.

    CCF27/11FF, CCFF27/11ECO, CCFF35/11 A, CCFF35/11 EC, CCNF24/11, CCNF26/13, CCNF29/13, CDP320FF ECO, CDP320NF, CDP400FF ECO, CDP400FFA E, CF21/11SGB, CF24/11P, CF26/13SGB, CF27/11SGB, CF29/13PGB, CF400FF, CFP 29/13GB, CFP24/11CGB, CFP24/11GB, CFP24/11GF, CFP27/11FFR, CP2411F/9K, CP2711F/9K, CP2913F/9K, CP2913F/9XK, CP3813F/9K, CFF4ALUFIFT., CFF4BFIFTIES, CFF4RFIFTIES, CFF4YFIFTIES, CM350.1 (E), CM350.2, E101/44F, ECF101R, ECF83R, ECF93R, R4A STYLE, R4B STYLE, R4J STYLE, R4R STYLE, KCD 13/11, HF30C001, HF35C 011, HF35C001 UK, HF38C001, HF39C001, HF40A001, HF40B001, HF40D001 UK, HF40D011, HF40R001, HF40Y001, RC38F UK, RCM24F(GB), RCM27F(GB), RCM27FAGB, RCM29F(GB), IC36NF, IC36NFT, ID31 NF, ID31NFT, M2C37 ECO, M2C37T ECO, M2P31 ECO, M2P31T ECO, FF46/36FF, FF47/36, FF57/36, KCD16/13FF, KNF24.11E EC, KNF31, KNF310 SUNI, KNF31E ECO, KNF3500 SUNI, KNF3550, KNF40E ECO, KNF41 E, KNFL31, KNFL31E ECO, KNFV350, KNFV350ALU, FF235, CO350NF, FD400NF ECO, OC35FIB, OFC350FI, OFC350FIB, OFD320FIB, OFD400FIP, RDF40AR, RDF40BL, RDF40JA, RDF40RG, RDF50A, RDF50B, RDF50BD, RDF50J, RDV34, RDV34E ECO, RDV41FAGAECO, ZD032NF ECO, ZD932NF, ZSD032NF.