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  • Hotpoint/Ariston Front Trim for a glass shelf | C00119040

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    - Hotpoint/Ariston Front Trim for a glass shelf | C00119040 3 in stock
    £9.95 (Incl. VAT)
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    • This is a replacement front glass section for your Hotpoint fridge freezer
    • This is a Hotpoint Product
    • We strongly recommend technical parts are fitted by suitably qualified person with the appliance disconnected from the mains supply
    • Fits Hotpoint and Ariston fridges
    • Measures 505mm length by 78mm width by 15mm height
    • Suitable For - FF175BG, FF175BP, FF175MG, FF175MK, FF175MP, FF187ALG, FF187BP, FF187DP, FF187DX, FF187EA, FF187EG, FF187EK, FF187EP, FF187EPL, FF187LA, FF187LG, FF187LK, FF187LP, FF187MA, FF187MP, FF187MX, FF187WP, FF200ALP, FF200DP, FF200DX, FF200EA, FF200EG, FF200EK, FF200EP, FF200EPL, FF200EPZ, FF200EX, FF200LA, FF200LBP, FF200LG, FF200LK, FF200LP, FF200LX, FF200MA, FF200MP, FF200MX, FF200TP, FF200TX, FF4200DP, FF4200DX, FFB6187AP, FFB6187P, FFB6187X, FFB6200AP, FFB6200AX, FFP187BG, FFP187BGZ, FFP187BP, FFP187MG, FFP187MP, HME400N, MBL2014CF, MBL2014CFHA, RF175BG, RF175BP, RF175MG, RF175MP, RF175WP, RF187BA, RF187BG, RF187BP, RL150G, RL150P, RL175A, RL175G, RL175P, RL175X, RLA175P, SD1513, SD1521HA, SD1522, SD1522HA, SD1523HA, SD1711, SD1711V, SD1712V, SD1721, SD1721HA, SD1721VHA, SD1722J, SD1722JHA, SD1722VHA, SD1723, SD1723HA, SD1746, STR175WP, STR187WG