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  • Hotpoint Bottle Shelf | C00119031

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    - Hotpoint Bottle Shelf | C00119031 1 in stock
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    This is a genuine C00119031 spare part. This item is suitable for the following models:

    Ariston :

    SD1721, SD1746

    Hotpoint :

    FF175BG, FF175BP, FF187EA, FF187EG, FF187EK, FF187EP, FF187EPL, FF187MP, FF187MX, FF200TP, FF200TX, FFP187BG, FFP187BGZ, FFP187BP, RF175BG, RF175BP, RF187BA, RF187BG, RF187BP, RL150G, RL150P, RL175A, RL175G, RL175P, RL175X, RLA175P, SD1521HA, SD1721HA, SD1721VHA, SD1722JHA,